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How can I get the most value out of my reporting?

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2016 01:38PM EST

Are you looking to get the most out of your reporting? Our custom filters and question bundles features can help you make sense of your customer feedback.


Custom Filters

Custom Filters allow you to further organize your customer satisfaction survey responses and quickly access feedback for specific neighborhoods, sales representatives, project managers, regional managers, MSA regions, counties, states, building companies, perspectives, properties, aliases, net profits, leasing agents, lead installers, cleaning crews, project types, or any other custom filter you create. You can create up to 10 custom filters within the Filter Admin section your account. In order to define which filters are available when creating reports in our reporting suite, visit the Custom Filters section located in your Account Preferences.

Please note: Custom Filters only add value to your reporting if you include information for each filter when submitting your customer information for surveying.



Question Bundles provide a great way to group similar questions together for your reports. An example on how one might choose to use a Question Bundle is to put three questions pertaining to the sales cycle in a bundle called Sales Cycle. This will give a summarized view of how the overall performance was pertaining to the sales cycle. The detailed response to each question will still be available if desired. To add a Question Bundle, visit the Question Bundles section of your account.

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