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How do I use the RSS Feed?

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2016 05:40PM EST

Streaming Customer Feedback Using an RSS Feed


If your website is not powered by WordPress, a great alternative would be to implement an RSS Feed Parser to stream your customer comments. RSS Parsers are available for many popular web publishing platforms or can be easily custom coded by your web development team. Once you’ve created your RSS Parser, find your GuildQuality RSS Feed URL and configure your Parser to read in the data from it. Your RSS feed URL is located within your survey account in the Marketing section under the Profile tab.  Copy your profile page URL (under Share Profile with Friends) and add /rss to the end. For example:[your company name]/rss


GuildQuality Members have the option to customize the content displayed in their RSS feed by adding simple URL arguments to the end of the link. The RSS feed can be configured to include reviews only, comments only, or both by using the “show” option. You also have the ability to configure how many reviews or comments are displayed in the feed, anywhere from 1-100.


Using the new show option you have three values that can be inserted as follows: “comments” shows only comments, “reviews” shows only reviews, and “all” which shows both comments and reviews. If you do not specify an option, the feed will default to showing only comments.


Here are some examples of an RSS feed URL configured with this option:

  •[your member page name]/rss?show=all
  •[your member page name]/rss?show=reviews
  •[your member page name]/rss?show=comments


With the limit option, you can specify the maximum amount of reviews or comments displayed. Any value between 1 and 100 can be used, for example:

  •[your member page name]/rss?limit=5
  •[your member page name]/rss?limit=8


  • You can also combine these two options. For example maybe you want to display 10 reviews only, then your url would be:[your member page name]/rss?show=reviews&limit=10
  • Or perhaps you’d like to share 50 comments and reviews:[your member page name]/rss?show=all&limit=50


Quick tip: The majority of our members display one comment at a time and use JavaScript to scroll through to each additional comment.


Check out these members to see great RSS Feed examples:

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