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How does the Alacrity Services program work?

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2016 01:44PM EST

This document is under construction and will frequently be updated...

Question:  If a survey is conducted under the Alacrity umbrella, does that survey count against the contractors monthly fee?

Answer:  If the customer is sent to us for surveying by Alacrity, there's no charge what-so-ever to the contractor.


Question:  If an Alacrity contractor does not sign up as a full member of GuildQuality's program, are their survey results published anywhere?

Answer:  Question ratings, such as what you see below and linked here are published online only for full members of our service:

An abbreviated profile page is live for all Alacrity contractors who aren't full members of GuildQuality, such as the one linked here and shown below:


These profile pages aren't promoting question ratings, pictures, links to social sites, our mapping features, etc. However, they do share the ratings we collect (from Alacrity's customers) to the likely to recommend contractor question along with the customer's reviews of their experience working with their contractor.


Question:  How much does it cost to become a full member of GuildQuality's program?

Answer:  Here's a link to our pricing page and Alacrity contractors receive a 20% discount.


Question:  How is the overall score (shown below in example) calculated?


Answer:  The overall score that displays on every completed survey is calculated as a % > 2.  Or said in another way, the % of all 0-4 statements that received a 3 or a 4 rating.  (Both a 3 and 4 rating on our 0-4 scale is considered positive.)

So where you see the 100% overall score above, you would read that as 100% of the scores provided were either a 3 or a 4 meaning the consumer was 100% satisfied with their overall project.

Note:  on Alacrity's standard survey template, questions # 6 - 9 are asked in relation to the insurance carrier and the Alacrity program.  They do not reference the contractor's service, and if they are rated poorly, they will impact the overall score shown above.  


Question:  What does ripe date, close date, and response date mean in my reporting tools?

Answer:  Ripe Date is the date a survey should go live based on the time frame assigned for surveying your customers.

For example, if you’ve selected to survey your customers 1 week after a project has been completed, you might provide us with a close date of 1/1/14. The ripe date for this survey would be 1/8/14 (or 7 days after the project was completed). If your customer contact information is submitted after 1/8/14 (in this example), the ripe date would still be reflected as 1/8/14, but your survey would go live immediately.

If you find ripe date confusing, you can always query reports by other date filter options such as Sent Date, Response Date, or Project Close Date.

Close Date is the date supplied by the contractor/distributor as the date the project was completed.  (Note: if this date isn't included in our import, we default to including whatever date will make your survey go live immediately.)

Response Date is the date a survey was completed.

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